Make Money While Gaming!

Gamer Arena is a competitive esports platform where you can duel by yourself or with your team and win some real money! From the comfort of your home. Now public beta is live!

Beta is live!

Gamer Arena Beta is live with duel mode! A total of 30.000+ GA Coin (10 GA Coin = 1 TL) will be awarded to beta testers when the beta ends on 15th of March.

In beta, every new user will start with 1000 GA Coin, which you will need to create or join duels. On the 15th of March, the top 300* users will win some GA Coin according to the table below, the rest's balance will be resetted.

Placing Reward (GA Coin)
1. 2000
2. 1500
3. 1250
4-5 1000
6-10 500
11-25 250
26-50 150
51-100 100
101-300 50

* To be included in the placing, you have to play at least 5 duels.

* You can view the leaderboard here.


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